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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

next is the baju kurung and baju melayu


good morning buddies.

this is a disappointed story about the kain ela that i bought at ehem-ehem boutique. sigh.

i believes that everyone are dreaming the best for the preparation as well as the ongoing ceremony, so do i.

however, some obstacles or barriers may occurred during the journey where by i take them as a part of the important things that i must considered in future. well, sometimes when i excited of doing things i probably forget/ didnt concern on the simple things behind.

just like the kain ela where by i bought for us. buying kain ela at ehem-ehem boutique is so not me because i do prefer to buy them at pasar rabu (every wednesday at my hometown there have a wholesale market selling kain ela with a very reasonable prices/ harga borong).

then, when it goes for the hantaran, i decided to buy the kain ela at ehem-ehem boutique just to make it special lah purposely.

at ehem-ehem boutique, of cause the services and the quality are tip top. dont mention about the price which is double i bet you.. fine. there are for the hantarans, no arguments.

i settle with a pair of blinking chiffon (3.5m), free lining (3.5m) and satin for his baju melayu (4m). it cost me nearly RM4xx . at 1st, i was ok BUT..

when i went to another boutique, searching for a satin to add on the engagement dress, seriously i shocked when i see at the price tag! the same material, the same quality, the same same same huhhh.. the price is 3/4 down than at the ehem-ehem boutique.

arghh. stressful and what a wastage!

as usual, i went without him and most of the time he never complains on my choices. thank God! still disappointing but there is no way to turn it back. sigh.

i send the kain ela to the tailor ord and will schedule to pick up them by next month. insya Allah. just wait and see.

p/s: the theme is orange and mine have a shading of pink. i hope it will turning glams~ alhamdulillah hantaran no.2 is complete.

yours truly,

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