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Thursday, September 30, 2010

beauty is pain


good morning buddies.

psst.. come closer. i have a secret to share. *smiling.

year 2010 is the year i supposed marrying my sweetheart but due uncertainties, we postponed the date until the time permits us insya Allah.

that is why if you are reading my previous entries, i did mention that i bought several of the hantarans ord and kind of prepared everything for the engagement. nvm.

on top of that, i am preparing myself physical and mental to go through the journey where by the secret to be share about the beauty of the smile. *coughs.

i wear braces because i want to look nice on camera when i am smiling during my big day. hah.. that was the secret! it was the 1st thing appeared on my mind when i decided to apply braces.

no joking. no kidding.

in fact, i did told the dentist about it and he kindly interested to help me out. ha ha. well, no pain no gain. as i imagine before, applying those wires and mouthful with them are painful!

i lost 3~4kilos at the 1st month. my previous weight is nearly 48kilos with 155cm height and now was 44kilos only. alhamdulillah, it's maintain there..

over 9 months i am applying braces at the upper and bottom part, suffering with the pain and mouthful with wire again alhamdulillah next appointment insya Allah will be nearly the end stage.

anything, anyhow will be sharing after the appointment (next week). since my case is a very minimal issue, the dentist advice me to apply this for a year only. *wink.

so far, this is the biggest sacrifice that i ever made so far in my life. seriously i told you.. BEAUTY IS PAIN.

p/s: i apply braces for FREE under uitm dentistry faculty. interested? email me at syahira[dot]fauzan[at]yahoo[dot]com

yours truly,


~ mizzAmy ~ said...

yup... agree that. beauty is pain. btw, bestnya dpt free. tapi i tak rela nak sakit2 gigi dah. hehehehe....

ElyaElmo said...

ramai mmber elya yg pakai braces..and jadi kurussss!!!~ bestt kannn....

Iffah Hamed said...

dalink..check yo inbox k..^_^