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Monday, October 18, 2010

some arguments with mother


good morning buddies.

recently, my mother and i were discussing about the planning for the engagement day:

scene 1#

my mother: when will your sweetheart's family will coming to down south, johor?

i: my sweetheart said, he will discussing with his family 1st and finalize the date (insya Allah the discussion will be held during aidiladha holiday). just now, he was under military training then he need to complete it 1st. i hope that you ok with it.

my mother: ok. i hope that his family can coming here during spm exam cause i want to cater the foods from hostel's canteen. (my mother is working in school's hostel) if they coming after spm done, who will cooking the foods?

i: hurm. i understand. i will informing this to him to consider before he set the date. i dont see any other probs cause our family met twice before, both families have shown interest and bless us, the hantarans are ready to deco, in fact the saving was enough to proceed.

scene 2#

i: what do you think on mini pelamin?

my mother: no need. use my room and will deco it later.

i: hurm. i dont think so. i do prefer to have a mini pelamin at 2nd living room area cause the main living room will be a place for a discussion.

my mother: but, i think the 2nd living room will be a place for our family and friends to enjoy their foods.

i: ok, we can remove the computer table and sofa away. i just need a space for a mini pelamin there. in fact, mini pelamin will be the best place for us to have a proper photo session.

my mother: ....

scene 3#

i: i just calculating, average guest will be near 100 for both close families.

my mother: what? why are so many guest?

i: sweetheart told me that his family will never been missing any events every year. normally, they love to convoy. he estimated that 50 family members (insya Allah) will be involved!

my mother: fine. how about our family and friends?

i: i calculated before, there also nearly 50 family members in our side. therefore, total guest will be 100 >_<"

my mother: let's order for 150 guest. hurm.. shall we cater the foods and rent a canopy?

i: hu2x. i dont know. previously, when i organized an open house an average guest is 80. can you see how packed our house could be?

my mother: hurm..

scene 4#

my mother: before the engagement day, do baking chocs moist for a dessert.

i: ok. i am planning to bake chocs moist for them. in fact, i was excited to diy door gifts to them such as baking muffins, jellies or dadih. what you say?

my mother: sounds complicated. just baking chocs moist la, enough.

i: hurm.. but, pity them. bring empty hands going home. my ideas are simple and didnt cost much, mother.

my mother: ...

scene 5#

my mother: did you plan for the hantarans deco?

i: yes. i have one. will be using 12 artificial flowers.

my mother: 3 artificial flowers are enough! then, what color?

i: ... a shading of pink and orange.

my mother: choose either pink or orange. then matches them with white.

i: but, mother...

my mother: for the engagement no need more colors. later, for wedding will be ok. understand?

i: ...

better stop now. more or less 2 months to go. i bet you, lot of arguments between us will be coming soon. T_T

fine, mother and i always clashed ideas/ opinions. i believes, more drama to go. catch my updates, soon.

now i, thank you.

p/s: the latest, she just critisized the songket tenun tangan. fine, mother!

yours truly,


liyana said...

critic songket?? huhu..cian kamu

h e r n y z a r said...

it's normal la dear. same goes to me. for early stage we do get in cat and dog fight. haha. but mom's always know the best for us. trust me. sabar ya dear ;)

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

lor..... siannya u. tapi ini adalah normal bila bincang pasal hal kawin dengan parents. hari2 pun i gaduh kot tepon. hahaha.... tapi gaduh2 manja lah kan. last2 i jugak yg menang. LOL....

h e r n y z a r said...

me tag you at my blog for the award. grab it now. hehe~! happy fun ;)

cik syahira said...

assalamualaikum perempuanku,

surprised! you were here, finally. ha3x
seems like mother doesnt like my songket tenun tangan. she do prefer the latest trend which you know it was expensive la.

assalamualaikum sarah,

mother was super excited i told you. i understand she dreams the best for the kids. <- i used the kids cause until now she treated us like a small child. hihi..
psst.. thank you for the award.

assalamualaikum amy,

we are still in the design stage. brainstorming is part of generating ideas. wink.