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Thursday, December 08, 2011

{ make up recommendation in KL/ Sel }

i recommend my friend, Amy to enhance your natural beauty for your special occasions such as dinner, party, engagement, pre wedding, wedding and more.

since this is my 1st time experience her magic touches, i would say that i am satisfied with her job. she's very nice person, friendly, still new in this line but please dont judge the book by its cover..

yours truly w/out make except eye liner n lipstick..

yours truly with Amy magical touches..

well, that's not a wedding make up. that one is suitable more for daily make up, pre wedding etc etc. of cause for wedding she will transform you to be the most beautiful princess to your prince charming. hihi.

girls, since Amy is based in KL/ Sel.. i am so sad cause i cant bring her to down south Johore to be my make up artist for my wedding. sob. luckily, my sweetheart side is in KL! there is no secret that Amy will be my official make up artist in KL. *wink*

psst.. she has open for a 'kelas make up-make up'. only Rm 50/- interested?? call her at 013-7694136.

yours truly,

1 comment:

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

alahaii... i x hebat lg la, skit2 nak kasi muka nmpk sweet tu boleh la. hehee.. btw, thanks dear. =)