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Friday, December 09, 2011

{ i think that i am choosing the righ team for my special day }

last night, i meet my official photo and video team. the one that i mention you earlier. who offer me Rm 7,000 packages c/w photography and videography for 2 events.

the best damn thing about them is i received some discounts. so, of cause i am NOT NOT NOT paying them Rm 7,000. please read it carefully on my previous entry.. boleh?

next, i hire them for my sweetheart's side as a 2nd photo team cause my sweetheart said he has his own choice. okeh, nvm. basically, this 2nd photo team will cover my families (the priority) and KL wedding.

the discussion when entah.. i dont know how to describe.. pfft.. i over reacted when there proposed me for the idea of 'save the date' or 'short film' as what their customers always request for. seriously i tell you, i've been watching the sweetest moments last night.

which is .. a short film. a proposal. melting ok.

'save the date' is not bad but then, urm.. tak nak la. if i would choose for free (nak yang free je?!) i do prefer a short film kot. hihihi. sweet la :)

the initial rate for a short film is.. Rm 1,800 3-8mins. *before discounts*


i have to seek permission from my sweetheart 1st. huhuhu.

yours truly,

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~ mizzAmy ~ said...

omo!! bestnya!! amy mmg x kan berangan nak video2 or std tu semua coz in very tight budget. dpt byr OP pun dah kira syukurrr sgt2 dah nie. hehehe....