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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

{ is part of my wedding preps }

i am a person who concern about healthy and beauty.

i can follow pyramid food chart easily, i can order sky juice each time i hang out, i can skip rice for 5 days in a row during Ramadhan month, i can drink carrot+celery+ginger juices, i can jog few km during weekend, i can drink plain water every morning in fact, i spend hundreds for girdle and body shaper etc etc.

am i obsess to become healthy and beauty?

not really.. cause at the other time i wallop fast food too. i skip my herbalife. i drink carbonated drinks, i bla bla bla. hahaha!

normal la actually..

speaking about wedding preps, the latest crazeh thing that i spend for wedding is a corset. some said, WHY ARE YOU WEARING CORSET? BODY DAH CANTIK PAKAI CORSET LAGI?? OMG, OMG, YOU ARE WEARING WHAT??? PFFTT! CORSET?!! huhuhu.

what everrr. i have no comments.

i am so grateful that i have good figure today. not much to worry at all. however girls.. do you ever realize that, how long that figure remain like that? some day.. it will turns out of proportion.

the day of cause will come. so what i do now is.. i am doing something that can maintain the good figure. before MORE lemak terjojol disana disini, i must control them.

besides i follow pyramid food chart, drink lot of plain water, doing regular exercise etc etc, wearing a corset (personally for me) is one of the best way to remain the good figure and body posture.

my tag line is.. badan nak pakai lama. so, taking good care from now. enough said.

yours truly,

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