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Monday, December 12, 2011

{ how to hide BIG secret from our love ones }

i am very closed with mother. i shared almost everything with her. i feel guilty if i hidden something from her. huhuhu.

this afternoon, i meet my friend and we chit chat about side income business. well, i actually looking for something to invest such as property (land, house), gold etc etc.

i just found something that not so new but i think it is worth to invest.

i give hints to mother to join that business and you know what she replied, HELL NO! huhuhu. fine. she afraid to see i fail in that business. i never blamed her.

at the same time, i wish to share with my sweetheart. my soul mate. however, i afraid. i am worried if he doesnt like it. for sure i will sad..

it's really hard decision to finalize.

this is the biggest investment so far that i will made. i believe with Allah. i seek for Allah's guidance. please show me the right path :) my nawaitu are i want to be healthy and help others to be healthy too. 2nd, as a side income.

insya Allah. my darling support me 100% i am so grateful cause i still have some one that i really can trust..

special dedication to mother and sweetheart. sorry, w/out your permission i need to do it 1st. later, i will show you that everything i do, i do it for you :)

yours truly,

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