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Thursday, November 17, 2011

{ when i have nothing to do i.. }

i will marrying a workaholic man. as his fiancee, i get used his passionate already. most of the time, i did everything on my own. i am walking alone, eating alone, driving alone, shopping alone and such a lonely.


i may not live my life as a lonely for this rest of my life, seriously it sound loser! so, i am looking at the positive side. i join my colleagues, i participated in every occasion, i involved in a few program, i create fun environment among my friends and kitties (i have Siamese cats) etc etc.

those things can makes me forget how boring my life if i afraid to move. huhuhu.

well, in very soon i will leaving behind (again) by my sweetheart cause he will going to down south for what we called as.. 'pergi operasi'. sob. sure i will miss him like crazy.

good thing about him is.. past 2 week days (this week and last week) he did train me already. he is damn busy with soccer training for RRD games. he rarely text me. except on weekend we spend days and night together. *big grinned*

still, i dislike the fact that, he will going far far away for few months. sob.

yours truly,

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