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Thursday, November 17, 2011

{ personalised individual stamps }

years ago, i've read about personalised individual stamps. it is interesting, i tell you. then, come the idea where by i wish one day i personalised my individual stamps for sending my wedding invitation cards.

whoaa!! kelaaas kau maria..

last night, suddenly the idea pops out! pufff!! i google about it and YEAH, i found it! i share you the link. impressive, ok.

i was thinking that, well the idea is not bad but.. ermm.. it's a bit pricey la. like err.. 3times expensive than usual stamps. *coughs*

at this moment, even tho my budget is tight please not to forget that my parents shall help their daughter too. is not a big deal for me to request father to sponsor me/ pay me half. hahaha.

actually, this wedding is absolutely neither using all my money nor duit hantaran. of cause my parents will sponsored me err.. excuse me.. will supported me (ah! better..) so i still have them in terms of financial strength. wink.

eh. eh. but, i may not waste their money for unnecessary things. i myself, responsible to cover things such as photo and video, our (my sweetheart and i) wedding attires, decoration gifts, wedding dais and make up, door gifts, candy buffet, guest book cornet and etc etc.

fair and square la kan.. wink.

i think i will do this. i hope my dreams come true. will share this with my sweetheart and seek for his opinions later.. hopefully, he agree with personalised individual stamps idea.

yours truly,


FarEast said...

GOOD INFO... like it... :)

dhiera said...

eh, sama la kita~
my parent pun akan supported me too. tapi mungkin saya akan keluar my own budjet untuk attire, OP and OV. macam tak patut la pula kan 100% ayah dgn mak yg bayar~