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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

{ Photo and Video packages is Rm 7k }

*pic is not related. she's my housemate.hihi*

this is the standard rate that i survey so far.

with the deposit for locking date Rm200, no hidden charges, free transportation fees, last minute call get discounts, 5 crews involved c/w the principle there are what i received from that package.

sound expensive at the 1st place kan?.

but then, this is what i dream for my wedding. my personal opinion is i will spend extra for them. *luckily they dont know that i am a bride blogger. hahaha!* entah la. for me, i will invest for things that will captured my sweet memories.

well, the priority is photo and video team la of cause. the rest i think i will spend them wisely. insya Allah. i wish to share who they are but i think it is too early kot.

i have a confession to share. i understand that what ever i write after this is something that urm.. sensitive. this is what i feel at the 1st place but then my impression towards them slowly positive. huhuhu.

1st, i never ever heard about their team. in fact, B2B never post any review about them.

2nd, my girl school buddy recommended them and supported me with positive vibes. she shown me her wedding album and i am.. falling in love with their album!

3rd, i still 50-50. i started survey and compare a few team including mukhriz latif and udey.

4rd, i seek for Allah's guidance cause.. hello, this is my 1st time spend that much of money for wedding thingy. huhuhu.

5th, i google any good and bad reviews of that team. fine, i am so.. err.. mm.. over reacted! who cares..

6th, every week i stalked at their wall and review their photos and videos. pfftt. *crazeh!*

7th, last minute before i confirm and pay the deposit i request for final discounts and YEAY!! its win win situation.

8th, until today.. i just believe with Allah. if there are.. if ok.. if.. there are lying to me, Allah will help me out. that's it.

9th, i hope that with the amanah i give to them, they will make my wedding dreams come true. insya Allah.

girls.. called me overdose or what so ever. this is me. original me. i never trust peeps easily. esp things that related with money. however, if i chose that way, i will never regret and let Allah shows me the right path.

enough said.

yours truly,


UyaRayza said...

7k is a big number of money dear ;)..BUT if u think that is the best for u and u love it then just go with it..yg penting u happy and u puas hati..its ur money not other..jangan kisah org ckp ape heheh

❦❦❦ ~ Cik Sue ~ ❦❦❦ said...

It's ok dear.. let Allah show us the way :)
do visit mine n link me back ya ^_^

choclairissa @ intan said...

yes 7k is a big amount..but depends on u..kalau rase berpatutan yg u have enough budget..why not kan? all the best :)

Cik Hazz said...

gurlpp.. hehehe. yes, i pun rasa 7k is really big amount. but like others said, its all depends on you. it's your wedding. duit you lagipun, up to you to spend. =)
my opinion, everyone sure ada certain things they willing to spend more-on during their wedding. i chose dress & MUA. you chose photo & video. wish you all the best dear!! ;-)