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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

{ gold bracelet is on it way, bebeh! }

1stly, salam maal hijrah girls. what is your azam for this new year? i wish for 1 and 2 things that i need to do. its new wishes actually. the rest is.. ngeh-ngeh.. well continuing the last years. hahaha..

before i am sharing on my current progress of DIY project, let me share something that 1st in my wedding check list..

buy a gold bracelet.. hihi.

since my sweetheart's mother choose and bought me the engagement rings, to be fair and square this time for wedding my mother will going to choose and buy me the gold bracelet. adil dan saksama. thus, no gaduh-gaduh ye :)

the thing is.. mother will going to buy it today! YEAY.. there will be (of cause) the romantic moment cause mother and father will together-gether *pfftt.. my languages!* choosing the best one for me. sound cute is it?

such an honorable when i let both parents as well as future in laws to choose the jewelry for me. as far as i can remember, i only have 1 memory bought couple rings with my sweetheart. after that, either he secretly bought for me or let parents' decided. so sweet..

urm.. how it looks like? it will be a big surprise for me! *nervous weh!*

yours truly,


picairin said...

dont forget ya to share the bracelet photo here...cant wait to see! =)

dhiera said...

wow... romantik ye. pasti cantik gelang tu~