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Thursday, November 03, 2011

{ another 5 reasons why YOU should hire a professional photographer }

yesterday, i share 5 reasons 'why you should hire a professional photographer' but it seems not enough yet. now, i add on another 5 reasons in order to complete it to be 10 reasons. haha.

so, let straight to the point:

6. education - speaking about professional, they are person who spend every pennies and cents to learn the technique and study to become as good as famous photographers. either formal or not, they are not simply try and error on your big day.

7. proper etiquette - they have developed a proper way of acting in events. in fact, they have learned how to document the event w/out being conspicuous. huhuhu. understand?

8. objectivity - mind you, wedding involves with varies people, props, moments and emotions. the main reason why i will hire a professional because they understand very well what we as a client want the end product to be.

well, yeah. relatives also can be able to handle the task in order to cut the cost but.. do you very sure that he/ she can really cover the whole event? in fact, relatives sometimes need to do another task cause they also involves during the big day.

9. dealing with other professional - such as photographer, videographer, wedding planner etc etc. those professional understand each task and shall manage to cooperate within each others to ensure the event will going smooth.


10. standards of quality - this is what we as a client paid for. enough said. the more you spend, the more you getting sure to get. insya Allah.

well, this is what it supposed to be. same goes to me. i hire a professional team with certain reasons similar as i attached in this post.

showing off?? hell no.

yours truly,

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