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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

{ 5 reasons why YOU should hire a professional photographer }

1st ly, this article has been edited by using my own languages. Tq.

since this week i is busy google-ing here and there asking quotation from photographers and videographers so i believe, this is the perfect time to share this useful info.

check this out!

5 reasons why you should hire a professional!

1. top of the line equipment - in order to have a perfect shoot, photographers need to invest some amount of money to buy a variety of photographic equipments. so, i believe a professional has a complete set and expert on it. full stop.

2. expert eye - speaking about a professional or full time photographer, they experienced almost the same things except different clients and different backgrounds. the rest.. from the preparation, the solemnization, the reception, the out door session, the chaos etc etc all is similar.

meaning, they know what to do and where to go. in fact, they know when to get ready and how to capture those special moments, because they were born to do all those task. haha.

3. coaxing a shot - hah! what is this?? professional photographers are experts in getting good shoot of uncooperative subjects. huhu. arent easy ok to do this task.

4. lighting technique - only professional knows very well on how to deal with lighting issues esp when it related with nature. i mean, natural lighting. other wise they have some equipments to support the unsatisfactory conditions. huhu.

5. focused concentration - this is the most important part. we as a client paid some amount of money to photographer. of cause they need to put their 100% of commitments to handle the job. sure they will concentrate to fulfill our requirement and satisfaction.

better than we let our relatives for free to help us out u_u end up, frustrated cause you relatives cant able to shoot all your precious moments T_T

what?? still not enough reasons yet. fine, la8er i will add another 5 reasons why YOU should hire a professional photographer. Hahaha!

p/s: urm. actually it depends on your pocket too. *wink*

yours truly,


Renee Meow said...

shira dis is useful tips.. betul2 gak kan kalau amek yg bukan pro xdpt yg mcm u listkan tu..huhuhu.. have u booked ur OP dear? share plsss.. hehe ;)

{ Miss Syahira } said...

assalamualaikum renee,

i agree with you dear. however, this is what i thought/ my opinions.

psst.. the keywords i take from 1 website, the explanation is using my own languages. hihi.

i booked OP and OV ord. la8er i share about them. wink.