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Saturday, October 08, 2011

{ secrets to be told }

i secretly plan for my engagement as early as 1 and half years before the REAL engagement.

my gf (preggy mama) is my witness of everything. we went to Bandung together hunting french laces, i shared almost every single things on engagement preparation and she lend me ears and shoulder to cheer me up. TQ, darling!

hot mama!

speaking about the engagement preparation, i started with drag my sweetheart and told him to list down what ever he wish for the gifts for him (hantaran). at least, i can allocate some budget for his stuffs.

what i did is.. once a month, i bought one gift. such as, his baju melayu set. 1st month i bought satin at Gulatis, next month i bought the buttons, on the following month i order handmade songket from terengganu. next next months, i send his baju melayu to tailor.

however, we as human being we are only manage to plan. Allah knows better. the drama begin when his baju melayu is missing in action. none of my family can find it. that was my 1st time ever, i turn to a bridezilla! i am totally stressful. i down with fever. my blood pressure drop. pfftt.

end up, at the very last minute i bought a new one at Jakel. sabar je la..

next drama is my pastry basket i order from Puan Nani Rostam, Hamis Jalikha's mother. ops! i dont have any complain about it. in fact, everyone is falling in love with it. TQ Puan Nani.

i self pick up it at Bukit Jelutong an evening before my engagement day. that pastry is not my 1st choice. i opt for fresh strawberry chocs cake (something like that) but i afraid to bring it alone in case it will tergolek in my car. huhuhu.

since everyone is excited to see the colorful tarts and basket pastry, some one who i dont know who was take it out and gosh! eat the tart, play with it etc etc. luckily it still in good condition.

drama.. drama..

sorry, i am lazy to rotate the pics. let's doing some exercise. hahaha! last but not least, the sirih junjung were made by mother and her sister. sirih is supplied by my cousin and orchids is fresh from my father's garden. hihihi.

i would like to say that it is a classic design but hey, ok la kan. rather than i DIY and it turn disaster, better let the creative person in charge.

more secret and chaos will be sharing la8er. bye peeps!

yours truly,


asma HazeLnut said...

hai..nak tanye, ok tak deal dgn nani rostam tu?smooth tak delivery sume?
btw, sapa kawan u yang pregnant tu?mcm pernah tgk muka die..dulu die skolah teknik ke?

{ Miss Syahira } said...

assalamualaikum asma,

alhamdulillah, i have no probs dealing with her. in my case, there is no delivery. i self pick up it.

oh, by the way.. my friend is siti sabilina.