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Monday, September 05, 2011

{ will be the last syawal as a single lady (me) }

oh, i miss this keyboard. i miss this wide screen. i miss you, laptop!

*syawal mood*

insya Allah, this is our 1st and maybe last syawal as a fiance and fiancee. we are no longer bf and gf. the status has changed. meaning, our life style is slowly change too.

as i mentioned in previous post earlier, my sweetheart is going to down south, Johore join us celebrating 'hari raya' last thursday. of cause, i am one happy lady but (still) i feel a bit awkward.

why awkward??

urm. i dont know. maybe, we rarely dating in my home town. girls, i tell you i can count with my fingers how many times we met in down south. huhu. nvm. i usually do everything by myself. but, things gonna be different when he is with me.

i am no longer sit at the driver side, i become his co-pilot. i am no longer fill the fuel, i just wait for him settle the task. i am no longer pay the bills, he did everything for me. *still awkward*

what ever~

i believes, he learn many things when he stay 3D 2N with my family. we dont eat spicy foods, we rarely eat 'kicap', none in my house is smoking, we never subscribe astro because we love sing and indo channels, my family is a small family, etc etc.

actually, most of the time we are CONTRA. however, we enjoy living in a different family styles. those is make us unique. so do i. i need to learn about his family too. *wink*

as this is my last syawal as a single lady (insya Allah) my sweetheart will work for it fighting for the wedding date (huhu), i wish.. year ahead i will having blessing days with my love ones. not to forget, i am praying hard next year we will celebrate syawal as a husband and wife in my home town. amin. amin. amin. amin. amin.

yours truly,


miszatie said...

yeahh slowly the lifestyle will be diff..i know u can adapt with it..:)

kaklong said...

insyallah...sama la kita..heheheh ;)

thnks syira add kak long dlm fb...heheheh

salam pkenalan

adnil linda said...

takot plak bile pk nk idop bersame...