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Thursday, September 01, 2011

{ the tragic story of 'baju raya' }

i wish to continue a tragic story about 'baju raya'. not my 'baju raya' but my sweetheart's 'baju raya'.

actually, we are supposed to exchange 'baju raya' during our engagement day. my routine every year are to decide the color theme, to buy the cloth, to send them to our tailor and to send the bill to my sweetheart. *big grin*

this year.. the routine went smooth until few days before our engagement day. his 'baju raya' was in a plastic bag been located near all gift for him (barang-barang hantaran). i am not decorate it yet because i did plan to decorate a night before the engagement day.

unfortunately, due to uncertainty, his 'baju raya' is missing!!

please dont asked me how it missing, where it been etc etc. i seriously dont have any ideas. in fact, i am so stressful and nearly turn to a bridezilla!! grr.. grr..

you know what, at the very last minute i went to jakel bought a new one for him. the tragic story is all tailor were closed orders until syawal month. sigh. U_U

i am sorry, my sweetheart.

yours truly,

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miszatie said...

alaaa sadnye..xpe2 sabar k!!..:)