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Saturday, September 03, 2011

{ 8 houses per day }

we are 'raya' marathon from my friends houses to his friends houses in down south, Johore. we are (still) learning about each others' characters.

honestly, there are a lot that i (still) dont know about my sweetheart esp on 'hari raya' thingy such as what are his fav 'kuih raya', chips (kerepek), bad habits ( i consider smoking after he visited every houses is a bad habit U_U ), hot chat with his friends, etc etc.

this is our 1st time, we spend a day visited friends for 'hari raya'. in fact, there are a lot of things that he learned to understand me better such as gossip girls, clumsy me (sometimes), i easily get along with his friends *big grin*, sensitive stomach pfftt!!

as for today, we went to 8 houses, eat and drink a lot until..

i got stomach aches and he got err.. i am not sure. he asked me for a panadol. huhu.. ok, we need good rest because tomorrow we will going home, to KL. YEAY!! i wish, the journey will going smooth. amin.

our pics? next time, ok. wink.

yours truly,

1 comment:

miszatie said...

haha mesti kembung perut kena makan kat each house..
kalo x makan nnt tuan rumah terase..huhu..:D