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Saturday, September 17, 2011

{ next month will be much more FUN!!}

*excited mode has turn on*

2 big projects will begin next month. 1st is 'bunga telur' and 2nd is hunting decoration gifts (gubahan hantaran) for him.

even though there are 9 months to go, all these task are difficult and need to prepare earlier. mind you, i am still a beginner doing all these.

ok, since next month is semester break, i plan to diy 'bunga telur' slowly. in general, i have some ideas regarding on my 'bunga telur'. ouh, i cant wait to start the project! there will be a combination of ribbons and pearls (of cause).

recently, my heart melted with polka dots ribbon. will see it. or maybe something with different colors of satin ribbon. will see it (too).

decoration thingy can be put aside. i will focus more on doing the petals for 150-200 pcs of 'bunga telur' (insya Allah) including gifts for 'khatam quran' etc etc. *good luck* hihi.


2nd task is hunting decoration gifts for him. my wedding planner and i will going to survey artificial flowers in SSF and 1 wholesale artificial flowers near by my office. YEAY!! i have my own 'bekas' and she will decorate a prototype for me (haha!)

the 'real' decoration gifts for him will be doing after my sweetheart pass me all his stuffs! *wink*

yours truly,

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