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Saturday, September 17, 2011

{ feel insecure. how do you overcome the situation? }


once in a life time, do you ever feel insecure with your spouse?? i afraid that, i heard unknown said to me, YES YOU ARE! gulp..

do i really feel it? however, deep down there my heart strongly disagree with 'that' statement. hurm.. why i so suddenly write about this issue??

i actually.. erm.. ah! *complicated*


fine, i tell you the truth. i just heard it. the nasty voice said that, i am insecure. urghh!! i dislike it!! i am not. i am not. I AM NOT!

i met my sweetheart this evening. he make a silly joke about 'other girls'. i was doing fine if he said about anything else but please dont test my jealousy. pfftt.

i pinched him! *'padan muka!*

actually, it was not a big issue after all, my mood is (lil bit) swing due to end of month is around the corner (hahahaha!)

nothing to feel insecure because, we are what we are. my sweetheart always remind me, just be yourself. in fact, i did remind him too, what ever it is please.. please.. discuss. 2 ways of communication is very important.

secure or insecure, it depends on us to overcome the situation. i will shout out loud (if) i feel insecure. let him know and discuss. that's it.

yours truly,

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