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Monday, September 12, 2011

{ downgrade, almost everything }

i did try, to downgrade my lifestyles. surprised, is it??

i just realized that, i still can survive if i am using non branded items, small car and cheap mobile phone. huhu. these past few years, i spend a lot. i bought things that unnecessary, waste money for entertainments etc etc.

*i count it since i start working, last 2008!*

well, my family has showered me with everything. because we are only 2 siblings. in fact, my father just stop giving me allowances since last month (when i was 26 years old ++). hihi. those are their money, what ever they wish for that, that were their business(es).

i adored the way how my parents save and spend their money. not like me U_U

since i dont committed much with any loans etc etc except ptptn pfftt, asb and medical insurance, so i spend my ALL my money for fun! i afraid, that is not good at all.

i want to live my life not only for next week, next months or next years. there are looooong way to go. i must stop my bad habits. sigh.

actually, i did list down several bad habits (last night) however, due to connection failure there are unsaved. pfftt. better i post this 1st and cont the list next entry. ngee..

yours truly,

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