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Sunday, September 11, 2011

{ beautiful day }

i still remember, 3 months ago i was in down south, Johore. we were busy preparing for my engagement.

it was a cloudy morning. i love the weather. calm and cool. i am sitting on a chair and let my Mua did her task. surprised me. i feel so empty and blank. *weird*

i just go with the flow. i get ready around 11am and the crowd is stand by for my sweetheart's family. alhamdulillah. everything went smooth ( the weather, the journey, the arrival, the discussion ).

even though there are raining heavily in my home, after a while around 11am it stop. the weather was very kind to us. we were so grateful. *big grin* while waiting for the discussion, i am staying in mother's room with my bff. she looks excited for me..

however, i cant hide my feelings. i am not sure what's going on with me? is it nervous or what? i felt tightness in my chest. i cant breath properly. in fact i lost control and nearly cried. urgg..

seriously, i feel like crying. i cant believe that, finally we tied the knot (engagement). i am too happy to smile. i am too nervous until i felt tightness in chest. huhu.

i am so grateful because we were heading to the next phase. in fact, i always forgot that we are engaged.. sometimes, i called him as my bf. haha. things that always make me smile is he love to say, 'syg abg ni dah nak jadi bini orang' *blushing*

thank you so much my sweetheart, you keep the promises. it has been nearly 4 years you said it at the 1st time. alhamdulillah, Allah permits.

this morning is a beautiful day when i received sms from my sweetheart's mother invited me to their open house. so lovely lah, my 'bakal mak mertua'. hihi.

yours truly,

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