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Thursday, August 25, 2011

{ life is unfair }

sometimes, i think life is unfair. ok, not good. but.. i am only human being. i cant denied that i think why life is unfair. sigh. *alasan*

{ life is unfair I }
my friends get married and have babies. in fact, they are busy for 2nd babies.

{ life is unfair II }
my friends 24/7 with their partners. never been apart.

{ life is unfair III }
wow, my friends bought new cars!!

{ life is unfair IV }
their partners spend quality times together.


does all these really makes me happy IF i get them now.. i think it's a BIG NO! because..

yeah.. at this age MOST of my friends is happily married. in fact, i am on my way to get married with my sweetheart. it's not a big deal. just be patient cause the time will coming soon.

same goes to baby/ babies. if Allah permits, there you are. now, please enjoy your life to the fullest as being a single!

then, stay 24/7 with partner is so NOT ME. i am not that type of person like that *kot* i need my precious time with my family and friends too. on the other hand, my sweetheart's career doesnt permit him to stay with me all the time.

i always remind to myself, to love my sweetheart is to love his career. full stop.

err.. talking about new car.. i was thinking that.. fine, i was dreaming for a new car but not now. i concern more on wedding preparation 1st. else, my car is still in good condition. so, get used it to the max!

wait a minute, my 14 years old car is the best car ever in terms of *cilok-cilok* during heavy traffic and get parking in crowd. haha.

last but not least..

i still wonder why he is lazy bumps to text or reply me just to great my day or dial my number to say Hi! grr..

thus, life is fair. always remember that. not to forget, be grateful with what ever you have it now cause i afraid you will regret once you loose it one day.

sure, i will miss the moments being a single. haha.

yours truly,


kaklong said...

redha itu penting dear!

Allah Maha Bijaksana n Maha Mengetahui...

~ NANA ~ said...

hehe syira..enjoy time single ni puas2 tau! :)

btw slmt hr raya maaf zahir batin

adnil linda said...

cos we r human...
never feel satisfied....

*same goes to me...hehehhe*

cik syahira (a soldier's fiancee) said...

assalamualaikum kak long,

hugs you, TQ so much for your advices. insya Allah, i will.

assalamualaikum nana,

YEAY!! i did it!!
selamat hari raya maaf zahir batin.

assalamualaikum linda,

sure you understand how sometimes i feel wink.