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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

{ emotional }

i just wonder, why i am so emotional recently.. i easily disappointed with my sweetheart esp when i text-ed and call-ed him and he not rarely replied U_U

i silently talk to my myself that he is busy. he has lot of works to do. he doing 'this' and 'that', etc.

but, deep down there i refused. urghh.. i dislike myself when i hard to understand him. fine. i need to try harder next time. urm..

oh please.

stop it, mood swing! *red flag mood*

yours truly,


F said...

hi there, just stumbled on this blog. i know what you feel when writing this, coz i felt it too! it's women's dream to be his man's understanding partner/wife. and we feel good if they are happy to have understanding partner - which is us. but we're women, we want our love to be appreciated more and more than it is now. because then, we know they care.

i'm a wife of five-month. my husband used not to reply my texts too, i comforted myself that i was only a fiancee, not yet his wife. but i am now, and he still rarely replies. i got mad sometimes, haha.

but then, i realized, he may not texts me often but he works hard to provide for me. so i believe your fiancee is working hard to provide for you too, because he cares. and we should be lucky that we have our other half, other people we know might not have one =)

hi from me, and advance congratulations for your coming wedding =))

cik syahira (a soldier's fiancee) said...

assalamualaikum F,

my pleasure to read your comment here. you makes my day..

thank you so much for your advices and advance wishes. love to hear that..