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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

pre engagement hunting begin...

dear diary,

currently, i was in down south. at least, i have more time to prepare (kot). alhamdulillah.

remember, i revamp almost everything yesterday esp the decoration gifts and door gifts. since we have 24 days left minus aunt no 9's wedding (2days), nur kasih the movie (1day), send my sister to uitm (1day), attending wedding (1 0r 2 days), going back to damansara (1day), working (5days), sleeping (everynights)..

fine, i dont want to count after all.

my target for today is buy everything on the list. mind you, i am a bride to be on budget (so), i need to spend wisely. my family maybe rich, but not me. thus, simple event will be better than something grand and i broke at the end of the day.

please dont compared us.

we are planning and doing in our own way. different peeps may have different opinions. yes, i still remember that i wanted something simple and cheap but still look extravagant.

look extravagant in my eyes. as long as everyone is happy, Alhamdulillah.

p/s: this event will fully sponsor by mother and father. *grateful*

yours truly,

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