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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

almost everything i need to revamp. mphh.

dear diary,

this morning mother and i listed down everything for my engagement. since this is the stage 1 of discussion, there are lot of thing we need to clarify.

let me start with..

1. time management.

mother reminds me to inform and confirm with my sweetheart's side that, the event MUST be start on 1130am. dont be late!

2. total of guest.

my sweetheart told me 10 cars, his younger sister told me 12 cars. hurm.. i need to double confirm how many family members will going to down south. then, in my side mother estimated 7 cars excluded my bff 3 cars and additional 2 cars for OP and OV.

what ever it is, we stand by for 150 guest including neighbors.

unfortunately, car park is very limited. i cant imagine, how it could be =____='

3. catering issue.

father booked round tables and chairs come with covers (alas meja & sarung kerusi). YEAY!!

mother confirmed with her friend who will going to cook and send the foods to my house complete with necessary equipments. YEAY!!

4. sub catering issue.

cakes and kuih-muih will order to 2 different suppliers. however, mother didnt finalize what kuih-muih she wants for the event. huhu.

5. gifts for him.

she disagree with existing decors and need to buy something to touch up! huhu.

6. door gifts.

at 1st mother suggested bun, i want muffins. but,when i survey the price is slightly higher i change my mind to bun unfortunately mother requested muffins.

father has confirm with muffins supplier and delivery will be made on Thursday before my event! fast services!

not just this,

mother wanted to add some 'jajan' inside the door gift bags. huhu. actually she wanted to add more but i said, wait until next year. this is just an engagement.

the latest, we confirm to buy cup mineral waters, muffins, sweets and some nuts.

7. oh, the signature ring!

hurm.. i am still 50-50 either just 916 or 750. i am afraid, if i request my sweetheart a simple plain 916 gold ring, 'someone' will scream out loud!

she did it before during aunt no 9's engagement, thus i am afraid that things gonna be the same again. phew.

mother advised me to just let my sweetheart's mother choose for me. full stop.

8. mahar.

my sweetheart and i agree with some amount but, i wish to do not reveal it during the event. can we?

just inform them, 'the amount will be reveal during the solemnization day (next year)'. eh, boleh tak macam ni je? hurm..

9. duration of engagement.

mother suggested, during CNY 2012!

because one of my cousin will going to marry on May 2012. huhu.

10. *when talking about no. 9 makes me blur and blank*

source: google image.

p/s: hectic May will began very soon.

yours truly,

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amy fahmi said...

about the mahar - yes you can. :). masa i tunang pun macam tu juga. cepat je selesai sebab kami tak discuss isu mahar. biar sesama keluarga kita je yang tau soal2 duit ni..