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Monday, May 23, 2011

'orang lelaki'.. always like that. hurmm

dear diary,

us is referring to mother, father and i.

haihh. father disagree with my idea. he insisted something yang simple for my engagement. so do i. i did a simple planning yet father describe my idea as 'complicated'. yes, he said 'complicated!'

sometimes, father is funny but not just now.

i am stressful but i still can control myself. just ignored that feeling cause i know that satan is trying to influence bad things on us. i would rather to keep quiet now and jot down an emotional entry. huhu.

father was funny when he said my side dont need to use trays. eh, then where did he think my sweetheart gifts should i allocate at? does father think that the gifts just been arrange on the carpet w/out trays? haha.

oh em gee..

just now,we did a serious conversations about to do or dont have a mini dais. hurmm.. father said, no need a mini dais. well, you know.. orang lelaki always like that kan? no need this. no need that. sigh.

i was.. eh, why?!

father said, just do a simple ceremony. no need a mini dais etc etc cause the most important things are his family come on time, the ring, the discussion and the exchange gifts. see.. simple kan? fine father, fine..

that's why. high expectations please no. any time, any where everything will be change time by time. i dont want to take father's words seriously.. i am afraid that i will more stress and frust.

what i need to do now are .. just open my heart, give some space to father and pretend that nothing happen. say no to stress and welcome positive vibes. ahhaha!

p/s: relax lah.this is just an engagement..

yours truly,


~ NANA ~ said...

dear...sabar dad camtu gak dulu, taknak ada hantaran bila kawen nnti! hahaha

tapi bila my mom cakap buat je, then my dad lama2 macam ok je...hehe

org laki ni kadang2 kna bagi masa dia berfikir panjang :P

LisaLisut said...

i like ur father! :D

♥ balkidz_hunny ♥ said...

chill n relax.
semua B2B akan mengalami saat2 begini, iaitu dilema bile keluarga tak setuju dgn ape kita mahu!

rileks, lame2 ok lah tue.

zimie said...

sama la kes syira dengan zimie.ibubapa tak mahu mini nampak gayanya takde la tu.terpaksa follow je.hurm.

plain jane said...

salam syira... off topic jap ni... i ada tag u untuk 1 contest. bila you free2, boleh la tengok2 dan joint sama ye. (ops, kalau tak tengok pun tak pe... tiada paksaan)

anaztasias nora aira said...

Insya Allah ada hikmahnya follow ckp parents dear. jgn stress k :)