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Monday, May 23, 2011

kan-cheong event!!!

dear diary,

*ops! no head pic*

fuhhh!! what a tiring weekend.. i've learned A LOT during auntie no.9's wedding. my cousin and i listed down THINGS TO DO and DONT during a special event like 'that'.

she pointed on me and reminded me to NEVER repeat the same mistake. huhu.


now, i was thinking that i need I PAD 2 *ok mengada-ada!*

what is kan-cheong event? helloooooo.. it was kan-cheong/ nervous to the max! when everyone in the house are running here and there, in and out looking for something, blur and lost who responsible to this and that bla bla bla..

luckily, there are lot of supporters in family from auntie no.1 -no. 8, uncles, cousins and etc etc. mother has BIG HAPPY FAMILY. so, all of them work extremely hard to ensure that 'this' event went smooth (=

alhamdulillah. the best part is the OP did very good job *thumbs up and recommended * cant wait for our BIG HAPPY FAMILY portrait! well done to our family.. hihi.

arent easy to set the time with them. at last.. in this 'event' auntie no.9's make it..

before i sign out, enjoy few pics before the kan-cheong event.

*cupcakes for best friends*

* green apple theme*

*a day before kan-cheong event*

p/s: eh.. 2 readers tag me but this weekend i cant make it dear. sorry. wish to update on my next entry.

yours truly,

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