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Sunday, May 08, 2011

it such a very long story

dear diary,

in order to make it short, i am so grateful that finally my sweetheart called me this evening. he's been silent for 3 days w/out prior notice. sigh.

i am worried. i cant hold in sec to think about him. i wonder where is he going. how is he doing. he's disappeared. huhu.

he informed me that, he's away for an outdoor training and left his hp =___=' pfftt. sabar je la.

next time, he should remind me when and where he will going for an out door training cause i need to set in my mind that he's away for xx days. if not, i will keep on thinking of him, text him, call him and wonder about him. non stop. huhu.

am i weird. i dont think so. it is me. i born like this.

if he told me earlier, i was ok. but, when he never remind me about his schedule haha.. things gonna be like this (again).

the end.

p/s: i told you, it such a long story but i try to make it short. hihi.

yours truly,


Firdani said...

3 days???huhu..mmg sabo je la klu die hilang tbe2 pn dh glabah.yela klu tak inform pape mstla kte riso xpnah lg la smpi 3 hari, shari pn xpnah..awk mmg tabah..hehe

cik syahira (a soldier's gf) said...

assalamualaikum firdani,

next week he will away for 5 days =___='


the saddest part is he wont be around on my graduation day )=