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Monday, May 30, 2011

i dont wanna miss a thing

i wish..

i dont wanna miss a thing anymore. i promise this is my last time i did it to you, my darling sweetheart.

now, i am feeling guilty.

there is one thing that i need to sacrifice in my daily life. we rarely get a chance to sms, mms, 3G, chit chat via fb, skype and phone call. so, once he text me or call me, i need to entertain him. i mean, spend my time with him.


i just left the chance behind. i thought, i will spend my time with him after i settle my work. unfortunately, i am wrong! he just text me that he's away for something.

i was.. ahh. what i have done. why i am so selfish. usually, there is no 2nd chances to us. once he said he's free, i must grab that opportunity and spend my time with him. if not.. he wont wait for me cause he got something to do.

civilian never understand this.. however, i know but why i did it. i wish that i can chat with him cause i am really miss my darling sweetheart.

i am sorry. i am so sorry..

yours truly,

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