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Saturday, March 12, 2011

sweet facts to remember

dear diary,

today is Saturday, 12.03.2011. i am glad when i wake up this morning, my sweetheart is beside me. he smile at me and ... WAIT!! mother shouted at me, arghh!! it just a dream lah. huhu.

Hello, All! let's pray for our family and friends in Japan.

today, i am interested to share several sweet facts about me, myself, my darling sweetheart and Pink and Orange Theme blog:

the journey of Capt. Fauzan and Cik Syahira are 11 months and 7 days.

current followers is 106 people

current unique visitors is 11,835 visitors

engagement countdown is 91 days

all time fav post is what's hot is gettin' hotter! my dreams wedding

highest referring url from

highest referring site from

highest search keywords is ayat 1000 Dinar

pageviews by top 5 countries are from Malaysia, United States, Sweden, United Kingdom and Japan

well, you know who you are.. i am grateful for your support and interest towards this blog, my simple life, my journey to engage and marriage as well as i write craps (most of the time).

i just wonder WHY you read my blog eh. i realized there have lot of grammatical errors, not so up to date ideas, lots of dreams, sometimes craps (again), etc tec.

still, i see my unique visitors increased daily. alhamdulillah. thank you readers.

mind you, currently i dont have much ideas to share for the preparation of my engagement or Bandung trip next month. zero progress since last week =__= sorry.

catch me soon, when my morale is UP!

yours truly,


jooleata said...


accidentally found your blog, and we are about same thing in blogging world.. hihi.. betul x?

cik syahira (a soldier's gf) said...

assalamualaikum jooleata,

i am your silent reader actually. hihi.