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Friday, March 11, 2011

5 (very) general questions to b2b/ ex b2b

dear diary,

5 nama samaran anda:

1. syahira - i introduced people with this name *smug
2. syira - my good friends called me this name
3. cyra - usually my uni mates in UTHM used it
4. ira - just my family and 1 or 2 friends
5. syg - my sweetheart called me this name *blushing

5 tarikh penting:

1. 10.04.1983 - mother & father anniversary
2. 10.04.1985 - ehem.. it's my birthday
3. 13.02.1985 - ehem.. it's my sweetheart's birthday
4. 19.01.2008 - our 1st date
5. 11.06.2011 - insya Allah, our engagement day

5 perkara yang saya buat semalam

1. playing chocolatier game (again)
2. breaking the rule by having heavy meals after 8pm!
3. sleeping after subuh prayer (again) sigh
4. watching mantera anjasmoro at tv3
5. sending resume to potential employers hihi..

5 perkara yang buat saya gembira

1. current gold price is RM138.50 shown at buletin utama tv3!!
2. my sweetheart sms me, 'Abg pun windu kat Syg ni'
3. i am living in happiness (Alhamdulillah)
4. next month is my birthday and Bandung trip. double happiness!
5. finally, we are two steps closer to marriage. (again, Alhamdulillah)

5 perkara kenapa kena temuduga ni

1. atiqahadnan wrote, she selected all her readers to do this interview. thus, i do.
2. none interview/ tag this Q to me yet.
3. i want to uplift my mood cause my sweetheart has 'weekend' this week and he was in kl meanwhile i am still in down south >__<" we are supposed to meet this week. pfftt. next week he doesnt has 'weekend' arghh!!
4. at least, i have something to update my blog tonight. wink.
5. sharing is caring haha.

lastly, i would like to interview my silent-silent readers ni. hihi. buzz me once you update this cause i like to be your silent reader too.

yours truly,


R.R.Z said...

hii..BW here.

betul ke harge emas dah turun mcmtu?

*terus xcited*

en.kayrul dn cik nadua said...

uthm? sound like we are from same boat.haha.what course? :)

cik syahira (a soldier's gf) said...

assalamualaikum RRZ.

yups. i watch it at tv3!

assalamualaikum nadua,

yups. ex city campus student. hihi. and you?