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Sunday, March 06, 2011


dear diary,

i am so in love with this professional touches. by browsing all these pics inspiring me to have my own self collections of beautiful pics with not much of editing.

i mean, just capture special moments which requesting by me and what ever my OP think its interesting, that's it! for sure, i am one happy lady with no complaints. haha.

fine, let's take a look these:

during the make up session, of cause i want this moment must be in my top list of 'must captures' by my OP. black and white or gray scale is nice! esp for teaser. wink.

i may not good in giving opinions but hello.. this is subjective. no right and wrong. thus, i think this pic is about to show off the hand bouquet. ehem.. in my case, (insya Allah) i will show off my ferrero rocher hand bouquet. nom. nom.

another subject matter which i believe not all of us like it. personally, i love love love this pic MOST. let me share something, i like it because i can see clearly the attires of the bride and groom which is better view than hanging them at the wall.

last but not least for tonight, i request at least 2 pics of me in the shadow. how to pose, it's ok. i have 3 months plus to think about it. YEAY!!

urm. i may not a photogenic and not so good in front of camera. but, by having thousands of idea at least i can help my OP and we can collaborate to produce one good photo album. haha. amin.

p/s: i have 1-2 months to collect as much ideas as i can inspiring by the professional to prepare 1 short list of 'must captured moments' and pass the list to my OP. this is one way for me to ensure he know what exactly i want at the end of the day.

source: madebyepik

yours truly,

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