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Friday, February 11, 2011

a short note to my photographer team and you


hello buddies..

i am still in the mood of browsing ideas for the content in my engagement photo album. err.. why it sounds too detail? NO.. it's NOT. i was actually want my engagement photo album at least have these several elements that i love most!

fine. let me share you my personal opinions regarding on this issue.

1st and foremost, this is a small event. so, i believes that i have much times to make it nice with the help from my family, close friends and of cause the photographer team. insya Allah.

i think i am fussy. err.. lil bit. i hope every one around me understand what is my desire towards things unfortunately i cant. in order to let them know what exactly we wanted in this life, we need to discuss with them, brief them, give them the outline.

cause i believes that..

this is the only way on how to deliver the message, by 2 way communications. i never expected the team understand me very well. so i need to inform them politely. well, that is why we discuss - to make a final decision/ conclusion.

urm. i have experienced it. one of my friends hired a freelance to shoot for her big day. she expected he will help her to capture all her best moments with family and friends. unfortunately, we all were wrong.

he simply shoot what ever he think interesting and miss the important things. he never advice my friend on how to pose. he just let my friend's scarf and dress looks not proper, ugly and sigh.. it's disappointing me! GRRR..

end up, none is happy.

see. i am afraid. i never said i didnt trust my photographer team. babe, if you read this. mind you. haha. i trust you. i just want to help you to make things easier. i will jot down the list, make sure you capture those moments and what ever you think interesting. ok.

please dont afraid with me. i wont bite you. wink. insya Allah, we will have win-win situation. i happy, you are happy too. i did try my best to make sure things done according to time.

last but not least, again 1 pic from the professional. this is one of my fav shoot from shutterspeak, a wedding photojournalist in malaysia.

the tentative.

nothing interesting. but for me, i appreciate this kind of art.

p/s: let's draft things/ moments to capture, girls.

yours truly,


Syeeda Sobbihi said...

hye. i'm also a lil bit worry about my engagement day which is coming soon. i think i do understand what u feel right now.. coz we are about at the same situation!

HERNANIE said...

hye dear. dont worry. everything will fall into place nicely. i faced it hehe. neway, i linked and followed u ok. have fun preparing =)