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Friday, February 11, 2011

my engagement and wedding planner is ..


hi darls.

i would like to call upon my fellow readers to share and care any ideas on how to make our engagement and wedding dreams come true. all comment are welcome and appreciate (in advances).

i is new in this arena. with my lil knowledge and experience i challenge myself to become A PLANNER for my own events. as you know i study, i did research, i did homework and i learn a lot from b2b and ex-b2b blogs.

i am glad that i am one of blogger brides forever team. hugs you darls. the best supporters!

insya Allah, i will try my best to share and care my ideas which are practical and economic due to my budget is tight. well, no body is perfect. sometimes, i did mistakes. esp grammatical errors. huhu. sorry!

ok, i just want my dreams engagement and wedding come true. amin. i excited to experience it myself. i want to know how much the preparation will crack on my head, laughs out load, burst my tears and many more. why?

cause these are what we called as experiences. which teach us to be among the best! amin.

p/s: i is an engagement and wedding planner for myself. heu heu.
p/s/s: anyone read harry potter? i remember one of the character like to say.. i is happy. i is happy. haha. so sweet.

yours truly,


yaya said...

hey! i've been ur silent reader..

this post reminds me of meeee.. tiny budget with a big dream. i guess we were in the same shoes then. i am a planner for my own wedding too!

you have shared a lot of good stuff. and i've been waiting for your other post!


cik syahira (a soldier's gf) said...

assalamualaikum yaya.

1st and foremost, congratulations dear! you won! glad to hear that news.

i read about your health conditions before. it must be tough is it. i hope that you will be recover very soon.

Allah is great! Allah test you with unhealthy and granted with this GOOD news. alhamdulillah.

so yaya, let's share and care. insya Allah. i will try my best to write more beneficial info after this.. YEAY!!

Cik iLLa said...

darling... good luck yea.. hehehehe..

AnEs said...

hye syahira..same la kite..kene plan engagement and wedding jgn risau la..sure byk help along the way.. some more syahira da join bbf lagi..hihi