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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

the preparation for job interview

dear diary,

besides engagement and Bandung trip preparation, there is 1 most important thing that i need to prepare, job interview.

i is jobless, exactly for 2 months! =__=

i have a concrete reason why i am still here. unemployed. lazing at home and etc. next week is my final week, lazing at home before i move to bangi, my 2nd home.

and searching jobs.

i wonder, 2 months unemployed and last 1 year i attended for a job interview, am i ready for another job interview? phew..

i must convinces them (who ever interview me) that i still new (consider new with 2 years and 1/2 of working experiences) in this industry but i can be able to adapt everything insya Allah as fast as possible cause i am a fast learner, ready to learn and committed person.

YEAY!! maybe it is not enough yet.

i am flexible person can work straigh 2 or 3 works w/out off and able in sunday, multi-tasking (blogging, fb, twitter NO WAY! =__=" ) consistent (insya Allah) always be able either working individually or in group. i experienced working 11 months with less of supervision but monitored by GM, youuuu~~

alhamdulillah, i have proven to him that i did it well. i told you, there arent easy at 1st 3 months. none to rely on, all decision must be fully responsible on me, HARDEST TIME ever. after that, everything is smooth. thank God.

so, try me. give me 1 chance for me to participate in your company and i will serve my best and proven that i is worth for your investment. wink. am i dare saying like that?

haha. i better draft my script and update resume cause my Msc friend requested for my resume. wish me all the best, dear.

p/s: managing construction industry is my passion. i wish to come back after challenged myself to go for event & management industry. management is beauty.

yours truly,


farahfatihah said...

ya betul tu, confident itu penting dlam semua interview

Fardilla Fawzi said...

Gud luck for interview ye...

Sy pon rasa mcm nak tukar profesion and kerja dalam industry..lebih luas pengalaman kan...