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Monday, February 28, 2011

how to choose the right plates for gift decorations

dear diary,

this is one of the example for a gift decoration by white plate that i think required my simple taste. i was looking for less crowded, simple in my eyes and economic in my pocket $_$

i dislike bushy flowers around the gift because:

1. i will going to spend lot of flowers to decor the gifts
2. the more i spend, the thinner my pocket will be
3. none can see the beauty of my black-white plates
4. probably the gifts will be heavy

and i have several tips,

on how to choose the right plates for gifts decorations:

1. the shape
- round, oval, square, hexagon and etc
2. the size
- small, medium, large and extra large
3. the material
- plastic, melamine, glass, clay and etc
4. the weight
- OMG. it's super heavy!, heavy, the not so heavy, not heavy at all
5. the price
- YEAY! damn cheap, so-so, urghh.. it's expensive!!

above, i bold on my own black-white plate criteria. fyi, i spend:

black-white plate: Rm 4.50/pcs which is ok laa for 29cm diameter plate

source: google

yours truly,


Illi Hzbull said...

illi pun suka mcm ni! simple je
smlm jln2 kt Nilai 3..ugh, penat!!
insyaAllah akan start utk dulang2 tu..hehe

~ NANA ~ said...

wah preparation nak tunang dh mcm nak kawen...hihihk

cik syahira (a soldier's gf) said...

assalamualaikum illi.

YEAY!! happy preparing dear. let's sharing caring your ideas too..

assalamualaikum nana.

no la. this is just a simple planning. ^____^

fitria said...


saye pon suke idea tu.. simple but nice rite? nak tanye kat mane awk dapat plate dgn harga cam tu yerk?


kisahkasih said...

try cr plate kt kk home deko..murahhhh

kisahkasih said...

try p tgk plate kt kk home deco...murahhhhhhhhhhh