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Monday, January 10, 2011

what's hot is gettin' hotter! my dreams wedding



my name is syahira and my sweetheart is fauzan. just called us syahira fauzan. i have a secret to be told. but please dont let my other half know this.. shhh..

i have a dream. a big dream for my big day. i dream to collaborate to cst production and lynda rahim's crew on my big day. their touches are like magic which makes every b2b dreams come true.

this is my dreams wedding:

'the cherry blossom theme'

you might asked me why cherry blossom theme is it? fyi, i is obsessed in pink. i just cant take my couple of eyes away from it. i dream, in every single things in my wedding must have pretty pink shades. cause pink is too sweet to resist. *smug

in my dreams, i can see i am wearing this kind of wedding dress design by datin lynda rahim walking through the red carpet with my sweetheart (insya Allah). err.. since i am wearing a hijab, of cause in my dream i am wearing a covered wedding dress.

i just falling in love with the design; simple and sweet. *i wish the ribbon is PINK. reasons that i love datin lynda rahim's creations are her detailing and the aura of glamor to the dress itself.

the most beautiful bride on her big day walk through the red carpet (yeah.. still dreaming) i saw at one corner there is a small table for guest to leave their message on wishing tree. another nice spot to drop by and capture the moments..

guys, in wedding ceremony there will not complete without the wedding dais. in my wedding dreams, i wont ask much for the wedding dais. neither tonnes of fresh flowers in crowd nor sophisticated design for the wedding dais. for me, like this is more than enough..

why? cant believe this? well.. personally why on earth i spend thousands of money to things that will not last forever? i better spend it to hire cst production crew cause they will make my big day last forever. insya Allah.

excuse me, this is my dream. my dreams wedding. its free but let's dream on something practical and worth for money. wink.

still dreaming for the wedding dais, the most beautiful bride who is wearing gorgeous wedding dress needs more attention than her wedding dais. that's what i mean. i just dream for a simple wedding dais yet still having pink shades.

psst.. i bet you with years of experiences and knowledge pics taken by them will be superb!

in my wedding dreams, there are lot of precious moments that i could not let them away just like that. i believes, with the ability and creativity of cst production crew they might covers and produces my best wedding dreams come true in video clips.

in addition for cherry blossom theme, there are sweet wedding dream items that must be included such as:

door gifts to guest

the wedding cake

and last but not least, the wedding invitation

fine, i almost done. lastly there are three things more that i dream in my wedding which i think this is not related with the theme yet i dream this since i was small:

1. zapin show cause i am proud to be a johorean b2b/ ex-dancer.

2. kuda kepang cause my sweetheart and his family (non johorean) are good to experience new things. hihihi..

3. all of us jump together after the wedding <-can be consider as outdoor photo shoot. haha fuhh. that's all. this is my dreams wedding. thanks for reading this until the end. dare to dream?

Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe.

interested to dream like me? click and

p/s: sorry for grammatical errors.
* thank you so much in advances! *hugs.
** like my dreams wedding, fill free to buzz me.
*** remember, this is a secret. dont let my other half know this. shhhh..

yours truly,


K.I.N.A said...

goodluck syahira!;)

Epa Zarifa said...

gud luck dear

Lyana MK said...

ptt ler aku rase cam kenal jeee name sapee..haahha oittt good luck weh!!!

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

good luck dear!! sgt unik ur wedding dream theme.

YuNa said...

wahhhh! idea ni sangat hebat! kite suka! mmg cantek sbb all cherry blossom smpila ke gift! hehe mcm xpenah jumpa lagi je! gudluck dear.. mmg best!

LittleSunshine said...

gud luck ya...
unik ur wedding theme dream...liza pun suka..
mmg best!! gud luck again

adorable ~A.N.A said...

alamak kite serasi dengan theme yng same la..mine is no 37 :) btw good luck dear

Ezniey said...

wah...menarik jugak wedding theme ni...comel..i loike...hehe...gud luck

leh dtg jenguk blog saya

adorable ~A.N.A said...

its ok la dear... hihi,,, :)
macam kfc, i suke kfc mesti ramai jugak yng suke kfc..hihi... saje jek join contest ni :) ~ gud luck kpd u back.. hihi

cik syahira said...

assalamualaikum kina,

hi dear. thanks for your support! really appreciate it..

assalamualaikum epa zarifa,

hi. welcome to my blog. anyway, thanks cause visiting me. hihi.

assalamualaikum nana.

hugs you. thanks weh! haha. i like your masquerade theme. good job!

assalamualaikum amy,

thank you so much. i is obsessed with pink. i wish to make this dreams come true. amin.

assalamualaikum darl.

hugs mummy to be. hihi. please remind me about this.. i hope to realize it! insya Allah.

assalamualaikum liza.

thank you. thank you again. hihi. eh, let's join us~ wink

assalamualaikum ana,

hi. thanks for visiting my blog. yeah.. we gotta same taste rite? wish your wedding dreams come true. amin.

assalamualaikum ezniey,

hi. welcome to my blog. hihi. ok, will going to read your story too. all the best k!

miey anna said...

gud love pink too..hehe

Sery Suryani said...

gud luck..=)
do visit mine..

Nurul said...

idea yg cantek!

cik syahira (a soldier's gf) said...

assalamualaikum miey anna,

thanks dear. we love pink! yeayy!!

assalamualaikum sery suryani,

insya Allah, will visit you too. anyway thanks for visiting me.

assalamualaikum nurul,

thanks dear. i really appreciate it. ^____^

NikiSa IzAS said...

dah vote..jom lepak blog asyik..

sheiladzmi said...

nice dear~!
i dah 'like' =)

cik syahira (a soldier's gf) said...

assalamualaikum NikiSa IzaS,

thanks dear for your support!

assalamualaikum sheiladzmi,

i LIKE you. thanks a bunch! wink.

Dina Adit said...

Nice wedding dream Syahira :) love it..

Nurfarahana Abdul Aziz said...

wow ! so nice ! hope u'll make it true...i'll pray 4 u !