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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

3 important things to plan and spend


morning girls.

what a beautiful day today in down south. it's sunny. birds are chirping outside. i love it! fyi, there (birds) are living here, with us. there are staying at the roof. i am not sure how many, but there are a lot. more than 10.

insya Allah, one day one time i will record their voices and show you where there live.

nothing interesting to share. currently i was trying to touch up this blog. there are things that should/ shouldnt be removed. not because of new year, new mood or etc. i just wanted to see my blog are user friendly, ease to load and functional.

i am still jobless. i kindly appreciates to those who share and care info to me. dear, you know who you are. may Allah bless you and your futures. anyway, i would like to share this 2 links: job vacancy and ohjobs. who knows. it will help you too.

just before i signing off, instead of planning for the engagement i did plan for my sweetheart's birthday gift next feb and mission april 2011. there are 3 important things need to plan and spend. $$

couple of days ago, i asked my sweetheart what he requested for his birthday? he said perfumes or what ever i likes. i replied, i likes 9 gifts of engagement gifts! ha ha. then he replied, its unfair. ok fine, now its 9 gifts + 1. its a deal..

how about mission april 2011? excuse me, can i keep it 1st. wink.

p/s: i am craving chocs indulgences at secret recipe la.

yours truly,


cik nurulain said...

ngelat je guna hantraan as gift mcm tu sy pun nakkk! hehe.

syazana said...

Hahaha..misi april?aku nak kahwin.lalala~ sila bg hadiah besor2

cik syahira said...

assalamualaikum nurulain,

ahhahaha.. just kidding.

assalamualaikum beb,

yeah, you are right. wink