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Monday, January 24, 2011

weekend hot topic


good morning girls.

i JUST realized that on having a wedding ceremony recently requires lot of money and sacrifice. last night my sweetheart and i discussed subject matters on the engagement and wedding.

alhamdulillah, over all the discussion is pretty well. we did agree with few important elements and will propose this to our parents. then, both parents will finalize the ideas during CNY holiday and proceed it after mother going back to malaysia couple of months ahead.

knowing that my sweetheart is always busy, i am lucky cause he managed to spend his precious times with me hours via phone call. i appreciate it! hugs you. haha.

ehem.. back to intro, why i said money and sacrifice requires? cause..

1. auntie no. 1 and grandma discussed about the dowry. they agree that current value, RM 10,000 and below is no longer valid to my family T_T

this is because based on their experiences, recently factory workers requested RM 10,000 for them. no offenses here. this is my makcik-nenek minded. therefore, watch out!

previously, my sweetheart and i dream either RM 8,504.10 or RM 10, 485.00 . now, we did change the figure ord.

2. the price of gold is high. if you spend for RM 500 today, what kind of engagement ring that you expected to get? same goes to gold bracelet T_T

the more i listen to them, more headaches i could be. i am afraid to tell this to my sweetheart. but this is the truth. those ehem my makcik-nenek-orang sekeliling expected for something that BIG AND BOLD. huhu.

let's zhulian! wink. sure mother will slap me in my forehead. haha

3. that's all.

i was actually inform that to my sweetheart and he replied, anyway he will try his best to make everyone happy. urm.. in fact, we need to sacrifice to make everyone happy. nvm la.

i just praying hard that what ever our good willing towards building this marriage will be bless and showers by joys and happiness, covers with unexpected helps and rezki. insya Allah.

p/s: mind you to help me, remind for saving/ 'tolong ingatkan, untuk menabung'

yours truly,


veesakura said...

dear, memang wedding ceremony memerlukan sacrifice yang banyak especially bab duit. when nak tetapkan my hantaran, my mom, makcik2 n grandma pon bising suruh letak more than 10k. but i'm firm with my decision, it's our money,so we should decide how much is the hantaran and so forth. i'm more concern life after wedding when kiter nak beli rumah, furnitures sume tu. neway, happy preparing dear!

Illi Hzbull said...

i'm facing the same problem too!
mmg tak best, tp bila dh melibatkan family...
susah utk berkata-kata~~

illi doakan semua selamat dan lancar~
pintu rezeki sentiasa terbuka, amin..


Miss Tatie said...

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~ mizzAmy ~ said...

my mum too. she asked for more, while me tak kisah. sebab lagi byk duit hantaran, lg banyak lah yg saya dpt. since hantaran is my mas kawin. ;)

Syima Syaz said...

thanks God my mom and family didnt care about hantaran.we decided and mom just agree...LUCKY!