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Monday, January 31, 2011

a pic of ayu raudhah and zaquan adha


morning darls.

i know. i know. i may be the last person who update about this. fine.

over hundreds of wedding pics of ayu raudhah and zaquan adha, this is THE ONE I LOVE MOST. it's romantic, dramatic and of cause NOT plastic!

i can feel it. the way they look at each others shown the happiness of this 2 lovely hearts. *melt.

i love this pose. in fact, there's pop out an idea to pose like this too for my engagement (if he manage to attend), pre-wedding and during the wedding (if i still remember this entry la). haha

sweet. like sugar. wink.

and with that, this is our version taken 2 years ago during my convocation day. well, this year i have another convocation to attend (alhamdulillah) definitely will pose like this AGAIN. ngee.

its spontaneous. i loike it!

p/s: i never put more hope for him to attend on my convocation day (still) ...

yours truly,


Elyanas ~Elvy & Hakeem said...

sweet la korang :)

anyway best blog awak :) jom sggh blog vee & tggalkan komen/ folo vee..nanti vee folo balik ^_^

cik faye said...

wah sweet...natural je...mesti gambar e-day & w-day syahira berdua nanti lawa2, sbb dua-dua pandai posing mcm model *o*

Cik iLLa said...

OMG... illa pun ade pic mcm tu tapi dalam laptop encik tunang... dan laptop beliau dah FORMAT BALIK!!! T_T

cik syahira (a soldier's gf) said...

assalamualaikum vee,

thank you so much dear. i like to read yours too. wink.

assalamualaikum cik faye,

err.. no. no. no. there is 1 over 100 pics i can say that he can naturally pose. otherwise, T_T

assalamualaikum illa,

=__= pity you..