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Sunday, January 30, 2011

as i promised, this is the year end promo


hi readers (if any),

in down south, it was raining all day. i am wearing wool socks and sweater feeling in overseas. cause the weather is very cold! how about at your place? i heard few places has flooding and they are moving to safer places. pity them.

this weekend i just stay at home cause i am not feeling well. sore throat. dizzy. muscle pain. and i drink lot of 100 plus and dilutes with plain water. alhamdulillah. i still can survive!

so, dear readers.. i definitely feel guilty if i left this page for more than 24 hours w/out new updates. since my sony ericsson camera cabel is here, i managed to share this few pics.

related to last 2 weeks entry, i found the year end promo sale in parkson square one which selling claytan's plates with very low prices! enjoy..

*cough. there is no secret yeah cause i did mention that i will using plates as my part of gifts decor to him. just wait and see, how it will be ok. wink.

p/s: please pray for my health k. hope will recover in very soon.

yours truly,


en.kayrul dn cik nadua said...

wah.look like we have the same first,sy g survey kat kilang claytan.survey harga.luckly, selongkar my mum's gerobok n jumpa koleksi pinggan yang,save budget di situ :)

cik syahira (a soldier's gf) said...

assalamualaikum nadua,

sounds great! let's sharing caring ideas k.