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Thursday, January 27, 2011

9 months and 24 days


hi girls.

CNY holiday is around the corner. so, what is your plan? my initial plan is hunting for my sweetheart's birthday gift and 1 or 2 items for the engagement gift such as shirt and pant for him.

will see la if there are still good choices, insya Allah will grab it but if none, urm.. will be later kot.

in term of buying birthday gift for him, i is a type of person who is blur. i dont have any idea la. my sweetheart is not working in office who wears office attires, rarely wears shirts and pants except his soldier's attires, what else?

he is a sportsman. soccer is his passion. but, mind you he will spend hours to choose 1 futsal shoes T_T i surrender to buy his sports' thingy cause i have zero knowledge about it!


i did asked him. is it fair if no birthday gift and change it to 9 engagement gifts for him. he said, unfair! nge.. so guys, anyone can recommends me what will be his birthday gift this year?

perfumes, watches, honeymoon tics, candle light dinner, help!

p/s: he said, he accept what ever i buy to him >_<

yours truly,


lovelyadibah said...

hahaha~..sama la problem kita:) birthday encek b dba pun dh nk dekat:)

kawan2 dier ada suggest nk belikan kasut futsal sbb dier mmg sangat suka main futsal:) tapi kan...encek b sangat la xnk dba membazir..haih..bis 2 nk beli pe??[ok2..xmembantu langsung..haha]

why not belikan jam k? or spek hitam??ok x??hehehe



cik syahira (a soldier's gf) said...

assalamualaikum adibah.

hi dear,

he has bought them T_T that's why i confuse what to buy? sob.