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Thursday, December 30, 2010

sweet and sour 2010


hello ladies.

2010 is one of the toughest year among this 25 years. is this metaphor enough? i think it is cause i have experienced so many things that i never figure them out before.

for an instances..

at the very 1st time for us living as a long distance couple. i was in down south and he was posting in mentakab, pahang. i was nazar if he not been send to sarawak, i will going to fast 3 days. alhamdulillah, i have done.

long distance couple was not affected much but his tonnes of working loads are killing me. we did lost contact about 2 weeks and i dont have any ideas what's going out? i cried almost every nights and his mother called me to calm me down and give me morale support ~_~"

he surprised me with birthday treats at vistana hotel and bought me a necklace. *blush.

he went for out station in down south nearly 2 months and cont another 4 months for military training! in down south yo! alhamdulillah.. at least we are in the same state even hundreds miles away.

he asked me to engage and of cause i said YES I DO!

i enjoys every moments with him hunting for ring engagement, sharing tips and tricks about engagement budget and etc.

due uncertainties, the engagement has been carry out next 2011. i am sad but i believes that Allah knows the best for us and his mother promised me that no matter what i was her choice. ouh.. i am shy.

eh, there is nothing happen between us and our family. alhamdulillah, everything has going smooth. just because his family cant make it this year, then his mother convinced me to do not worries. hu3x

sometimes, i am sick when peeps keep on asking me when? when? when? sigh. some one provoke me and argued on this relationship. omg! i dislike you. just because i rejected his proposal please be professional. hurm.

the biggest challenge so far.. my sweetheart is busy cause he is a young officer. sometimes he dont have time to text me, call me, skype me or even meet me. in this respect, i trust him. i pray hard to be strength.

what else, eh?

last but not least, he got his 1st day off during his out station last week and we spend time together in mcd. i bet you.. it's price-less. i asked him, how much he love me and he replied, he love me like thousands of lemons. haha.

p/s: i replied, i love him thousands of lemons too plus a watermelon. haha. u get my point?

yours truly,

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cik nurulain said...

ur partner askar eh? i think i know how u feel sebab i ada bunch of friends yg partner nya army gak. memang tough. kalau dapat spend masa sama2 even kejap pun dah mcm puas hati, when is ur engagement day? lets exchange and share info's. i pun tunang early 2011 gak. :)