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Thursday, October 21, 2010

surprise remains surprise


hello girlfriends,

alhamdulillah, i just having a phone call with the faculty's staff. she informed me that the date of submission will be postpone by next friday. thank you, ya Allah.

that is what i called as a miracle. i am afraid that i cant finish my draft due to dissertation writing is tough! yesterday, while i was writing the dissertation i recites Ayat 1000 dinar hundreds times non stop.

well, you can see how nervous am i? finally, today i received a good news which is soo relieved. moral of the story, believes in Allah and pray hard. insya Allah there is a way. therefore, i will definitely recites Ayat 1000 Dinar everyday cause it works.

back to the story,

actually, i cant remember where i read this statement (are not exactly but more or less la):

sharing caring is what b2b blogs about in their blog. they shares almost everything esp on the preparations cause b2b readers/ followers are like soulmates. well, good friends last forever is it?

but, sometimes they are wrong. this is referring to strangers/ stalkers who tend to copy cat ideas.. personally, i am ok if they just referring the idea cause i myself referring to the expert too.

the different between us is i will mixing and matching ideas in order to make them good and nice on me. or.. i referring to my tight budget 1st before deciding this/ that. hurm..

on top of that, i dont have any big issues la about this. i just be careful on what i am sharing and referring cause i afraid if i did wrong. still i enjoying momets writing in this blog sharing with b2b on siling the journey to our big day.

therefore, in every ceremony i would love to make a surprise for you. but, please dont expecting extravagants such as flying with heli or cruising in the boat or riding a horse! ha ha.

remember, my budget is tight. *wink

p/s: so for the engagement day i have a surprise!!! it's conform.

yours truly,


h e r n y z a r said...

sharing is caring tu betol. but sumtime ppl tend to take an advantage. even me myself sendiri takot nk sharing yang bukan2. if i think it's oke for me to share than i share la. haha. weee~!

me oso mix and match mana yg berkenan and pop-up with my own design. kununnya la. padahal lebey kurang depa juga. haha.

p dot s: jahat kan sara ni. haha.

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

glad to hear ur submission was postponed. chaiyook dear!! btw, sharing is caring but share benda-benda yang berfaedah untuk diri sendiri n others. if tak, just simpan sorang2 je lah.

YuNa said...

dear.. mik award yer.. tenkiu...

cik syahira said...

assalamualaikum sara,

i dislike people who are taking for advantages. not good, not good.

assalamualaikum amy,

i agree with creating a private entry. wink. just close friends can read it. hihi.

assalamualaikum darl,

thanks! Muahh.