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Friday, October 22, 2010

how to bake a chocolate moist cake?


hello buddies.

i love to share about my passion, baking a cake.

my 1st time baking a cake is a chocolate moist cake. i brave to say that, arent difficult but not so easy. still, i enjoy the 1st time moments.

almost every week i bake the cake. i served to my housemates, i send them to my sweetheart and family, i brought to the office and post graduate class. in fact, i send it as a birthday cake to my ex colleague's son. see.. i totally addicted baking a cake.

however, thing that i confused on myself is every time i was baking a cake i just had a slice only. i wont eat much. i think, i just enjoy baking a cake.. ha ha.

hurm. there is no sharing caring the recipe session for today but i am interested to share THE TOPPING SUITABLE FOR ANY CHOCOLATE CAKES. i mean.. any either moist or sponge as long as there are chocolate cakes here you are:

(5) chocoholic might love this! i can see clearly the topping is thick. just a simple design but i believes this is not easy.

(4) chocs indulgences is my fav all the time in secret recipe. nom. nom. i like to try to grate a chocolate bar for the topping. looks great and easy!

(3) how to grate the chocolate bar? i think it's crowded. still, looks yummy!

(2) so sweet, the polka dots! a simple design but nice in pink. i wish i could do as smooth as this topping ~~(=

(1) you know what i mean right? it's pink. enough for me. i interested to learn this so much!!

all pics are credited to google.

how to bake a chocolate moist? just close your eyes, open your heart and GOOGLE lah. *kidding.

fine, i will sharing caring the recipe later. wink.

p/s: i've learn cheese cake too.

yours truly,


~ mizzAmy ~ said...

choc indulgence sangat yummyy.... haaa, kan dah craving nie. =P

nYomeL said...

so yummy! pls pls share the recipe later k.. ;)

K.I.N.A said...

erm..nyum3..terliurnye kina..xblaja2 bake cake lg..

h e r n y z a r said...

salam syahira... i tag u. kindly pick it up k. wee~! jom terbang ke paris.. dalam mmpi je ya. haha. gudluck dear. HUGS~!

cik syahira said...

assalamualaikum amy,

it's delicious but must watch out for my healthy diet. hu2x

assalamualaikum nyomel,

insya Allah, will sharing caring the recipe later. currently i am very busy and stressful with mounting of loads. hu3x

assalamualaikum kina,

it's easy. no worries!