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Monday, October 11, 2010

my review on the wedding outfits


hello girls.

i am back. without further due, i would like to share my personal thought and review for the wedding outfits during the wedding exhibition last week.

again, this is my personal opinions. i am just an ordinary b2b. very min knowledge about design and the latest trend. yet, i am viewing the wedding outfits as my best and comfortable/ suitable (i think) for me as in future references.

over all, i love this wedding outfits to the max because:

1# white kebaya with beads.

the kebaya look sweet and simple in design. i would prefer classy design like above. not so stylish and trendy cause it might be look outdated when there's come another design. hurm.

in fact, this kind of design is suitable not only for engagement or wedding but it also nice for dinner or mess night. wink.

in addition, beads touched up at the several part of the wedding outfit make it glams~

2# kurung modern style

i just cant take my eyes away from this wedding outfit. the cutting, the design, beads touched up and see at the bottom part of the kurung modern surely will showing off the body cutting.

next, at the arm part. i saw many designers design such as above. it's in trend now.

psst, i admires the bottom part of the kurung modern. i wish that my solemnization outfit will turns like this. what they called eh? it's fit at the upper part and a bit longgar at the bottom. nice.

ok, ok. enough for 2 outfits i love to the max MOST. next is another 2. wink.

p/s: ~~(=

yours truly,


~ mizzAmy ~ said...

amy pun ada berkenan ngan satu outfit nie. tetiba nak tukar warna baju untuk sanding. hehehehe...

rose said...

cantik la baju2 tu..simple je..suka2.. =)

cik syahira said...

assalamualaikum amy,

the solemnization outfit is the most memorable outfit compare the reception's because that was what you wear during the akad nikah session. therefore, choose the best for your sweetest moments ever. hihi.

assalamualaikum rose,

less is MORE. i love simple outfits cause it look sweet. yummy~

h e r n y z a r said...

me love the 2nd picture kurung modern. ala2 riau gitu. love it with simple bedazzle. hurmmm sweetie pie outfit. (^_^)