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Sunday, October 31, 2010

i avoid people when i mad.


there are few of my buddies tag me before. 1st of all, thank you so much for sharing caring the tag with me. i will trying my best to review them one by one.

so, for today here you are an interesting tag from my ex-girl school buddy, syazana.

(1)Apakah yang anda lakukan jika anda marah?

if i mad with my family; usually i locked myself in bedroom, sleep early, shouted at my sister (huhu..) <- fine, it's NOT good after all.

if i mad with my sweetheart; i silent myself, i delete his sms, i walk away and left him behind. i rarely mad at him cause we do prefer to not doing silly things since 2 of us are busy. better spend the free time doing happy things together. haha..

if i mad with my friends; i avoid them. enough said.

(2)Kalau anda terkejut boleh tak buat anda marah

i have never experience it before. but,let me try.. if some one suddenly shout at me (of cause i surprise and wonder why??), i think i will shouting back! haha..

please dont test me.

(3)Lama tak anda marah?

i dislike being mad. once i mad, maybe takes to the max 15mins then i will cool down.

(4)Apa yang anda buat untuk hilangkan marah?

refer to (1)

(5)Selalu tak anda buat orang marah..

since i dislike being mad, therefore i dislike make other people mad. however, i am not sure IF i did something that make people mad at me. IF ANY, i am apologized.

(6)Kerap tak anda marah?

during pre-menstrual is definitely YES. i cant denied this. haha..

lastly, i would love to tag my 3 new followers.



now i, thank you.


yours truly,


R-YuzSha said...

Alamak kena jawab ker nie?? Bocor rahsia ai..
Thanks for tagging.. will answer this soon in my next entry..

cik syahira said...

assalamualaikum R-YuzSha.

thank you so much for following me. happy reading my humble thoughts, dear.