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Friday, October 08, 2010

beauty is pain 2


hello buddies.

my engagement will be held in any time during the end of this year (insya Allah). so far, hantarans are ready to decorate still the idea is not finalize yet which it depends on the next survey at nilai3.

another progress is the outfit. alhamdulillah, it turn simple as what i am expected before. i loike!

that's it. i think. the rest will going on after my sweetheart and families managed to set the perfect date.

fyi, my sweetheart was under military training now and he would prefer to complete it 1st, requires sending a letter to his boss about the engagement, after receiving the approval then the engagement is ON. ha ha.

since end of this year he was free from any courses he proposed me the idea for the engagement should be held by end of 2010.

now, move to another preparation that i did before the engagement is applying braces in upper and bottom parts.

i here by attached my pic before and during the session. can you spot (at your left side) my teeth is not in the line.

next, is during the session. if i am not mistaken 3months~4 months after applied the painful braces. hu2x. just ignored the crack. insya Allah, it will be repair before the engagement day >_<'

i am not sure how much it removed. but, it works! next week is another appointment for the upper part. insya Allah, will sharing caring the story later.

on top of that, i am not preparing for the outfit, hantarans, door gifts and the small kenduri itself in fact i did doing something for the beauty and healthy purposes too. *wink.

p/s: no pain, no gain. haha.

yours truly,


~ mizzAmy ~ said...

yup... u're true. kecantikan diri pun kena buat juga for the day kan?

cik syahira said...

assalamualaikum amy.

thank you so much dear for the b2b day out, last friday. it's hot and spicy esp at ayam penyet. haha.

anyway, i've no longer complains about my current weight/ diet but i highlighted more on the braces 1st. wink

psst. happy kickboxing, dear~