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Thursday, September 09, 2010

ring hunting


hello buddies.

diamond are girls' best friends. nothing can make we feel special except the sparkling of the diamond. *wink.

yesterday, my sweetheart and i went to midvalley for rings hunting (merisik&bertunang). we did survey the current gold price 916 is RM141 ( on sept 08, 2010).

over several jewelry boutiques that we surveyed, i found a lovely white gold diamond ring at habib jewels. the design is totally awesome! >_<

the actual prize is RM3,000 plus but there have a 70% less and just calculate how much we save for it. in fact, i love small diamonds at the top of the ring and there design them as a flower. so sweet.

well, the design is exactly like a pic above.

while collecting materials for this entry (google info and pics), i found this link. quite a surprise when i turn to page 6, i found the same design as i surveyed at habib jewels yesterday.

guess what? the price stated at the promotion is RM 1,000 plus which more or less like the price i have calculated before. hu hu.

how things could be this or that, i dont want to make any assumptions but at least it was a diamond. true diamond..

insya Allah, no one knows either it was the latest design or clearance items. you get my point is it? ha ha.

i would like to share my tips on ring hunting esp for engagement soon. will shouting it at twitter when it' ready. see you then.

p/s: still doing some researches on ring hunting. catch me soon.

the yours truly,

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