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Monday, September 06, 2010

i am kindly nervous now


good evening, buddies.

ramadhan is around the corner and syawal will heading us in very soon. fuhh! i just cant focus myself on cont writing this because i am kindly nervous now.

this is because during this school holidays my sweetheart will discussing with his family regarding on our engagement in details.

previously, he did inform his mother via phone call about this and will discussing everything face to face during his syawal holidays. so, his holidays are starting from sept 8, 2010 until sept 16, 2010.

we did plan for this since last year. however, there were many things shall be done/ go through in order to achieve to this level. he always remind me that, never worries about us because he did promise himself one day one time he will marrying me. insya Allah.

in fact, he told me to help him doing some preparations for him too. the most interesting part will be sharing later. alhamdulillah, i've done half way of the preparation for our engagement which i am not sure when since he didnt conform the date yet.

it's ok. my principe is once he permitted me to search for the stuffs it means that i must seriously prepared for the special event because i assured that everything will be so fast then.

why? keep on reading and following my journey. then, you'll get the answer why do i looks desperately doing all this.

p/s: i am still nervous. does it normal, buddies?

yours truly,

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